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Do I really need a tree service?

Here are a few guidelines for consumers to help them decide if they really need an expert...


Trees die from the top to the bottom... If you see a lot of dead branches high up in the top of your tree, it may be dying. Trees can take several years to completely die, and they may die only in "half" of the tree. In the picture above on the left, this hickory tree is dying, and probably will not form leaves next spring. Notice how the top appears to have died first, and the lower branches appear healthy. This hickory tree has been slowly dying for the last seven years. The photo on the above right shows the classic symptoms of a dying tree.


If you see a sawdust around the base of your tree, and/or small, round holes in the bark, the tree probably has a pine beetle problem. Unfortunately, once the symptoms have been noticed, saving the tree is usually not an option. In addition to removing the infested tree, another alternative is to treat any adjacet trees with a pesticide to prevent the pine beetles from spreading. In the picture above, you can see sawdust around the bottom of a pine tree. If you think that you might have pine beetles, call a tree service and have them come out and check out the situation.

Have you ever wondered why new construction developments in wooded areas simply take out all of the trees in the area? The answer is simple: When building, dirt gets moved around, and trees need their roots left undisturbed, or else they can die. There are two problems that occur in construction sites: One is that the dirt can get piled around the base of trees. The only way to avoid this is not to let it happen. The other problem is that dirt gets removed from the roots from digging too close. The best way to avoid this problem is to remember that a treeís roots stretch out as far as its branches. So if you have a tree that you want to keep while building on your land, itís a good idea to build the house far enough away that none of the branches will overhang it. That is a sure way to keep from damaging the roots.

It is always best to do any heavy pruning or topping of trees in between fall and spring, because this is when the sap is down, and the trees are dormant state. Even evergreen trees have a dormant period. When you heavily prune a tree or top it out in the spring or summer, you are putting the tree in harm's way, for it is during this time when insects are out in full force and can easily become attracted to the sap on the cuts on the tree. Trees will also become more succceptible to disease if they are pruned at the wrong time.

Light pruning and limb removal can be done at any time of the year. However, we do not reccomend that anyone attempt to prune or remove a limb from a large tree on their own. We have experienced climbers and even a bucket truck for handling situations that are not easy to get to.

If you have any doubts, please call a professional!